Motivation. Dedication. Support. Commitment.


The mission of MDSC is to improve the quality of life for senior citizens who are deaf or hard of hearing by:

  • Providing seminars, Town Hall Meetings, and conferences dealing with issues impacting their well-being and safety;
  • Conducting awareness projects or activities among decision makers, providers of services, and the general public regarding the unique needs of this population group.
  • Acquainting deaf and hard of hearing senior citizens with national, state, and local resources that will contribute to their positive self image and fuller participation in the mainstream society.
  • Providing social activities intended to mitigate the isolation experienced by many deaf and hard of hearing senior citizens.


MDSC stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and the fight for social justice. We are committed to disbanding the system that created a negative climate for the Black communities for too long. We are also committed to supporting Black Deaf people to rise and shine. We call upon other Deaf organizations to do the same.

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